High Dynamic Range (HDR) – Challenge #3

A bit over dramatic don’t you think? I never really planned on doing any HDR before I started this site but in the end it turned out to be pretty fun and rewarding. If you are not aware of HDR photography, HDR involves taking 3 photographs at separate exposures (this will bring out different details in various areas of the photo) and combining them with a computer program.

To take on this challenge, I decided to head out to the Don Valley Brickworks in Toronto, Ontario, a very ideal spot for urban/architectural photography, and gave it a try.  Click past the break to learn more about HDR and to see more pics from my shoot.



Light Trails – Challenge #1

The first challenge wasn’t the most difficult challenge. I had a reasonable understanding of how to do light trails with some extra help from Darren Rowse’s Light Trails Tutorial at the Digital Photography School. I will say though that taking these shots, especially getting some you are proud of, is a lot of fun.  To learn about what it took to make this shot and see a few others, click on past the break.