Animals (Horses) – Challenge #2

My girlfriend and I were looking for a way to enjoy our afternoon on Canada Day, so we decided to head out on our bikes for the afternoon to one of our favourite places in Toronto, the Sunnybrook Stables at Sunnybrook Park.  I figured this would be an opportune time to take up my animal challenge, so along with some snacks and blankets, I packed my camera and zoom lens and headed out. To see more horse pictures and learn more about how the shoot went, click past the break.

Taking pictures of fenced-in horses is somewhat difficult. You have absolutely no control over where the horse may move, what kind of light will fall on them, whether they will look towards the camera, etc. This challenge required a lot of patience. Initially there were basically no horses outside to take pictures of, but luckily enough feeding time began shortly after we got there, and all the horses (probably about 25) came outside. This gave me plenty of time to get some good shots.  I slowly walked around the fences to try different angles and to focus on the various horses. In the end, this challenge required a lot of pictures but I think these turned out alright!

Let me know what you think of the pictures and come back soon for more challenges!


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