B.C. Road Trip

Hey Everyone,

I’m going to keep this one short. Earlier this week we drove to Vancouver, British Columbia from London, Ontario. I didn’t have time for a real challenge this week, but taking nice pictures from the backseat of the car turned into a bit of a challenge itself and I think I did pretty well with the constraints, check out some of my favourites after the break.

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) – Challenge #3

A bit over dramatic don’t you think? I never really planned on doing any HDR before I started this site but in the end it turned out to be pretty fun and rewarding. If you are not aware of HDR photography, HDR involves taking 3 photographs at separate exposures (this will bring out different details in various areas of the photo) and combining them with a computer program.

To take on this challenge, I decided to head out to the Don Valley Brickworks in Toronto, Ontario, a very ideal spot for urban/architectural photography, and gave it a try.  Click past the break to learn more about HDR and to see more pics from my shoot.

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Animals (Horses) – Challenge #2

My girlfriend and I were looking for a way to enjoy our afternoon on Canada Day, so we decided to head out on our bikes for the afternoon to one of our favourite places in Toronto, the Sunnybrook Stables at Sunnybrook Park.  I figured this would be an opportune time to take up my animal challenge, so along with some snacks and blankets, I packed my camera and zoom lens and headed out. To see more horse pictures and learn more about how the shoot went, click past the break.

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New York City

I went to New York for the first time back in February, and it really turned out to be an amazing time.  The first thing we did when we got down there was take a walking tour through Wall Street, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Soho and more. We really got to see many great parts of the city.  I will be heading back this weekend with my girlfriend, brother and a couple friends and I have to say I’m pretty excited. To read more about the upcoming trip click on past the break.

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Light Trails – Challenge #1

The first challenge wasn’t the most difficult challenge. I had a reasonable understanding of how to do light trails with some extra help from Darren Rowse’s Light Trails Tutorial at the Digital Photography School. I will say though that taking these shots, especially getting some you are proud of, is a lot of fun.  To learn about what it took to make this shot and see a few others, click on past the break.

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The Challenge

Like many people in their mid to late 20s, I am unclear about where I want to take my career and my passions. I have created the clouded lens to find more “focus” (sorry for the cheesy pun), both as a photographer and as a person. My goal for the clouded lens will be to take on weekly photography challenges for an entire year.

With the help of my girlfriend, Robin, from, I have come up with a  list of weekly challenges, but it is far from complete so I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Feel free to check out my work on 500px and flickr.